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Maher Zain Returns With a Ground-Breaking Album - "One"

Awakening Records is pleased to announce the worldwide release of Maher Zain's third album One. The highly anticipated album is finally out and available for digital download, streaming, on YouTube and in music stores worldwide. Multi-platinum winning artist Maher Zain has become a household name following the release of his first two multi-platinum chart-topping albums Thank You Allah and Forgive Me. One embraces an even more diversified range of songs, themes, and styles.

Highlights of the album with international artists
The album contains 15 tracks. Highlights of the album with international artists - Turkey’s Mustafa Ceceli, Pakistan’s Atif Aslam and Morocco’s Issam Kamal. The album took over 2 years to produce and was recorded in Sweden, London, India, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa. Two music videos have been released for the songs The Power - shot in South Africa and Peace Be Upon You - shot in London with, many more to be released.
“I’m delighted that my third album is being released today. It’s been a long wait but I hope it was well worth the wait. So much has happened over the past few years and I’ve been blessed to tour the world and meet wonderful people and fascinating places. This experience has truly inspired me whilst working on the album” said Maher Zain.

The album comes in three different versions: International Version (released on 06/06/16 which features 14 tracks in English and one in full Arabic; Arabic Version due to be released on 09/06/16 in which 7 out of the 15 tracks are in full Arabic and a Turkish Version due to be released on 16/06/16 and which features 5 Turkish tracks out of a track list of 15 songs. “Today marks an important and exciting milestone in our company’s journey. Awakening Records is proud to present to the world the third album of Maher Zain. The album is aptly named One because what drives us in our work is our belief in one God, one world, and one humanity. This album is the most ambitious project we have undertaken at Awakening and we have no doubt that it will inspire millions across the world” commented Bara Kherigi, Director of Awakening Records.

1.    Awakening Records is headquartered in London and is an award-winning record label promoting the finest of modern Muslim talent from all over the world. It has artists from UK, USA, Sweden, Macedonia, Egypt, and Kuwait amongst others.
2.    Maher Zain is an Awakening artist and is the most popular Muslim on Facebook with 26 million likes and is the most watched Muslim on Youtube with over 1.4 billion views for his music videos.
More information about the new album can be found on press enquiries please email: press@awakening.orgFor any other enquiries please contact:

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